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MyBootcamp provides two options. Choose the one that is best for your career.


Enroll for six months or save over a year. MyBootcampEDU membership gives you access to our forum, knowledge base and community. You’ll be part of a team of other fitness professionals in your region. You can join groups, get a mentor and participate in select workshops. Trial Membership is valid for 7 days and gives you full access to MyBootcampEDU.

Gold Star Affiliate

The Gold Star Program is selective. You must submit an application and if chosen, you will have full affiliate rights to run a MyBootcamp affiliate business and everything you seeĀ here. You’ll be looked to as a leader within the community, be able to run workshops (and charge for them) and clients seeking a trainer will know that you are highly qualified. Discounts available for military. Learn More

Minimum Requirements:

  • Current personal training certification and CPR is required. Must provided proof of certification.
  • Must be skilled with bodyweight/body leverage training/functional movement.