Take Control. Wear the Gold Star.

MyBootcamp provides two different career paths, allowing you to choose the one that makes the most sense for you. Not ready to start your own company? Join our team as an employee (DC area only). Want to hire trainers and create more revenue opportunities? Become a franchisee. Join our network of elite fitness professionals – either as a franchisee or employee – to grow your business and maintain your independence.

Traditionally, there are two routes to take as a fitness professional. Work for a gym – who takes 50% or more of your earnings – or start your own company and deal with all of the associated tasks we like to refer as “entrepreneurial overhead.” Now, MyBootcamp provides the best of both worlds – We take the benefits of working for the gym such as: brand recognition, marketing, business and client management tools, equipment, community, online scheduling, trainings and seminars and mash them up with the satsifaction of running your own company: keeping 100% of your revenue, setting your own schedule and having the ability to grow your enterprise beyond yourself.








Relationship marketing can only take you so far. Leveraging the power of a trusted brand opens up a whole new world of marketing opportunities, resulting in potentially thousands of leads…And more leads = MORE MONEY!

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