Training Tour

Monday 0900, Roosevelt Island

This Memorial Day, Chris will be leading a military inspired Ruck on Roosevelt Island. As an Iraqi War Veteran and military fitness coordinator, Chris knows what it takes to forge ultimate badassery in himself and others, training the world’s most elite soldiers for combat readiness. Ruck marches are a military training method designed to challenge your mental and physical endurance.

On Memorial Day Monday, you’ll experience the same training that our military men and women experience  – the same training that has provided us with the freedom we enjoy every day.

You’ll pick up your sandbags in the parking lot of Roosevelt Island at 0900 Monday morning. Chris will then lead you through a course on the island designed to simulate the rigors of battle.

Plan to be challenged both mentally and physically. Plan to get dirty. Plan to bring your comrades and make new ones. And plan to remember our fallen soldiers each and every time you think about giving up.

This is a workout guaranteed to be remembered for a life time. Register now.

**Please note – this takes the place of the regularly schedule 6:30pm workout. There will be no 6:30pm workout on Memorial Day.**