MyBootcamp Announces First-of-Its-Kind “Ruck” Style Fitness Class in Bethesda

MyBootcamp Star metallic distressed w hashtagMyBootcamp is proud to announce its newest class!

Starting May 7, MyBootcamp Bethesda Row will take the military style fitness class to a whole new level. MyBootcamp Bethesda Row will be a Ruck March inspired class, based on the grueling military PT mental and physical endurance test.

What is a Ruck March? Ruck as in “ruck sack.” March as in a long walk. Ruck March = A long walk with a heavy backpack. Military PT standards typically have Ruck Marches that can go 12-20 miles or more with sacks loaded up to 65 lbs plus full combat gear. MyBootcamp’s version of the Ruck March will originate at Lululemon Bethesda Row where you will “load up” with a kettlebell, a sandbag, bricks, weight vests or maybe a pipe filled with water. You’ll then head out to the Capital Crescent trail where you will face Challenge Stations along the way.

Class will last approximately one hour and will end back at the Lululemon Bethesda Row storefront.


Where: Lululemon Bethesda Row

When: Starts May 7 – Sign up NOW (class will officially go “live” with 8 participants – enrollment will close at 12 participants)

Day/Time: Tuesdays and Thursdays, 6:30-730pm

Cost: $100/month + $50 enrollment (includes nutrition plan, movement assessment and access to all MyBootcamp classes in the area)

What to Bring: Nothing other than what you can carry on your person. You need your hands free and we ask that you not store any personal items in Lululemon. The MyBootcamp coach will not carry member’s personal items.

Let’s Ruck!