Create Your Own Home Gym with DIY Remodeling

Create Your Own Home Gym with DIY Remodeling

Are you tired of commuting to the gym or paying expensive membership fees? With a little creativity and some DIY home remodeling, you can create your home gym in the comfort of your home. According to a National Sporting Goods Association survey, home gym equipment purchases increased by 70% from 2020 to 2021, likely due to the pandemic forcing people to exercise at home. In this article, we will guide you through transforming a spare room or garage into your dream workout space. Let’s get started!

Assess Your Space and Budget

The first step in creating your in-house gym is to assess your available space and budget. Consider the size of the room or garage you plan to use and your desired workout routine. Ensure you have enough space for equipment and any additional accessories you may want to add, such as mirrors or sound systems. Set a realistic budget for your project and prioritize the essentials.

Plan Your Layout and Design

Once you have assessed your space and budget, it’s time to plan your layout and design. Consider the room’s flow and how you can optimize your space for your workout needs. Take measurements and sketch out a floor plan to help visualize your ideas. Remember the type of equipment you plan to use and how much space you will need for each piece.

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Install Flooring and Lighting

Now that you have planned your layout and design, it’s time to prepare your space for your equipment. Install durable and slip-resistant flooring to protect your equipment and prevent injury. Choose lighting that is bright enough for your workout and can be easily adjusted to your preferences.

Choose Your Equipment

When choosing equipment for your gym, the options are endless. Consider your fitness goals and prioritize the equipment to help you achieve them. Popular home gym equipment includes treadmills, ellipticals, weight benches, and resistance bands. Purchase equipment that is durable and high-quality to ensure longevity and safety.

Add Personal Touches

Add personal touches such as motivational posters or inspirational quotes to make your gym feel like yours. Hang mirrors to check your form and track your progress. Install a sound system to keep you motivated and energized during your workouts.


Creating your indoor gym with DIY remodeling is a fun and rewarding project that will save you time and money in the long run. Assess your space and budget, plan your layout and design, install flooring and lighting, choose your equipment, and add personal touches to make your gym feel like home. And if you need help along the way, Brewer Built LLC is here to help you achieve your dream home gym.

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